Sansui 771 Stereo Receiver 35 year long term product review

Sansui 771 Stereo Receiver 35 years young

My Sansui 771 Stereo Receiver has now been with me for 35 years.  It continues to be my primary amplifier and it deserves a long term ownership product review.
I purchased this receiver in "used" condition in 1978.  Other receivers and amplifiers have come in to the shop to challenge it, but it has remained in the #1 position.  Why does it sound so good and why do I like it so much?
First, let me be clear that the audio sources have changed over the years.  When first in service, the Sansui 771 served duty as a FM receiver and LP phono source.  A later source was a cassette tape player, then a decade or so later a CD player.  And for the last few years it has been fed by internet radio.  It has played every one of those without complaint.
I just like the sound it makes and I see two keys to its performance.   First, it has a classic, series regulated power supply driven by a mains transformer with some real magnetic weight.  When you pick up a Sansui 771 receiver, you will know it because the main power transformers are heavy.  When that amp needs some power, the energy for it is on hand stored up in that transformer and the massive capacitors in the power supply.
The second key to the performance of this amplifier is in the conservative design of the discrete transistorized power amplifier.  Yes, it is a beast to troubleshoot and I know because I have had to do it a few times.   I would say that more then half of the output circuit is for fail safe and overload protection but it works.  Most of the parts are discrete which makes probing easier.  It is a classic design that has stood the test of time.  The 771 can dish it out as well as it can take it.  (See Sansui 771 Stereo Receiver Troubleshooting Example and Tips for more on this ).
Features I really like are the triple speaker system selector.  You can pick from A, B, C, A+B and A+C.  Three pairs of speaker which is perfect for my shop that has several work stations.  I also use the "Loudness" and "-20 db Audio Muting" function on a routine basis to adjust the level to the task I am working at.  The tone controls let me fine tune the amplifier to my situation as well.
And, who cannot love that wood panel cover?  Yes, it is some type of veneer-over-plywood, but it looks good and so much better then just a metal box.  Mine is in excellent condition and I even wax it now and then to keep the shine on!
The downside?  Like almost all Sansui 771 receivers on this planet, all but one of my panel lamps have failed and my last one only occasionally works.  I have the white LEDs on hand and when time permits, I will make that dial lit again.  The main power amplifier is thankfully fused, but I could not find exact replacement parts and instead had to wire in a header board with replacements after a main power transistor  driver failure.  The FM receiver works well enough for me to listen to baseball and football games, but I doubt it would score that well against  a modern receiver.
If you are still reading, then by now you will know that another reason this amp is still here is that I can fix it.  I have the schematic, and over the years have traced out the sections that have failed.   At least so far, I have been able to locate replacement parts without encountering proprietary unmarked chips that I cant figure out.  The wiring harness is relatively straightforward and all the parts I have had to replace are mounted through-hole.  If your Sansui 77x is broken and you really want it back online, please ContactMe and let's talk.
Please wish my Sansui 771 and me luck for another 35 years of service!