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I am an independent Information Technology consultant providing design, build, engineering and programming services.  I have extensive experience in the design and operation of LAMP-stack web hosting, DNS administration, SSL certificates and internet application hosting for small, medium and enterprise clients.  One of my key services is troubleshooting performance issues starting with MySQL slow query analysis and reviewing all aspects of the LAMP stack including optimal use of Content Delivery Networks like Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloudfront service.  If you are hosting at AWS, or running a private cloud using XEN, or just need some assistance with linux/Solaris/network system administration please Contact Me.
I can also provide tutoring, troubleshooting, code walk throughs, consulting and programming service for your automated trading algorithm to run either in Quantopian's python web trading system or for validation work using Quantopian's Research Environment or their offline open source zipline back tester facility.  Contact Me with your quantatitive finance requirements.
If your business - especially startups - is located in Michigan's Oakland County Automation Alley , please send me a mail for networking purposes so we can get to know each other.
In my blog I write about my experiences with Arduino, classic stereo equipment , quantitative finance and the web hosting business of Daily Fantasy Sports .
For more information on services or availability please  Contact Me .

Top 10 Drupal web site backups best practices

A rule I follow is that when you need to use a backup, you probably will need it very badly.  Here are my 10 best practices for setting up Drupal site backups so that when (not if) the day comes you need to do a restore, you will be able to recover with minimal downtime and impact.
#1 : Name  a person (not a team) who is personally accountable for monitoring the backup process.    This doesnt mean that person is doing the backups or fixing the process if it breaks down, but it is that persons job to ensure that alerts from backups are resolved and has tribal knowledge of how the backup process works.  
Click read more for Best Practice #2 to #10 ...

Hosting in bandwidth constrained situations

Hosting web sites has never been less expensive, but often there are constraints that when exceeded can dramatically increase your cost.
One of the key areas to manage is bandwidth.  I recomend to my clients that they be aggressive in allowing only  the major search engines and their targeted visitors access to their site.   Conserving and protecting bandwidth in this manner can keep you in the low cost tier and has a secondary advantage of reducing noise in traffic reports.
Read more to learn specific recomendations or Contact Me to assist with your site.


We are a big supporter and advocate of source control systems like subversion.   A well controlled website goes a long ways to having happy developers and administrators.
We offer consulting services on how to integrate subversion based code management systems into your environment.  We will work with your developers and administrators to create code promotion methodogies that allow easy versioning of changes as well as cloned environments for your developers to work in.
Contact Me with your current challenges and I will help you get control over your environment.


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