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Daily Fantasy Sports team optimizing – NFL Football Mathematics Part 3 - The Ladder Line

The most important aspect of Daily Fantasy Sports is managing your budget within the salary cap to ensure you are getting maximum value for the salary tokens you have available ( See part 1 and part 2 for how to calculate player value ).


To build a winning team you must be able to picture how your team is coming together on your overall goal of getting the most points for your team.  A Ladder Line – sometimes also called a waterfall chart or an accumulator display – is an important tool to evaluate how one team compares to another. 


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Daily Fantasy Sports Risk Management – Use the Kelly Criterion to determine bet size

Use Kelly Criterion for Daily Fantasy 50 50 games

Selecting the optimal bet size for a Daily Fantasy Sports game is key to managing the risk associated with the game.   If you bet your entire balance in one game, one loss means you are out of the game until you redeposit.  On the other hand, making a small bet means your balance will grow slowly.

Did you know that there is a large body of research supporting the use of the Kelly Criterion to select the optimal bet size based on two factors (1) prior knowledge of the payout and (2) the probability of success?  Both factors can be determined by the Daily Fantasy Sports player and the optimal fraction of your account balance to wager can be determined.

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Daily Fantasy player Condia looks to be back for 2014 NFL Fanduel season

Daily Fantasy player Condia – who some suspect is a Full Time Player – is back on the Fanduel Leaderboard after 2014 NFL season week 1 at position 62 with 262 wins.

While I didn’t see him in the few games I played, it is fun to speculate on the work and return needed to Go Pro if indeed he (or she) is doing this and what kind of cash flow was generated in week one.

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Daily Fantasy Sports – Why sites need a salary cap to stay in business

prokopyshen.com agrees with the 40+ US State Attorney Generals who believe that daily fantasy sports sites offer a game of skill which means that players can use real money in the games.  Which, in turn, means the sites can rake the bets to cover their costs and make a profit.
Operators of daily fantasy sports sites know that this is special position of privilege, and so their customers should take some time to appreciate what this means to their daily fantasy sports team selection strategy part1 and part2.
All of the daily fantasy sports sites that offer games to USA residents will use a salary cap.   They will affix a salary to every player in the pool for that game.  You can be certain that the sum of the salaries based on a strategy of selecting all the “best” players will greatly exceed the salary cap.
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