Round1 Unlimited Time Play : Good Deal or Not?

Round1_Credit_ChargesRound1 Bowling and Amusement is a fun place with lots of ways to spend some time… and your money!


During a recent visit, I wondered when does it make sense for an arcade/game player to play using “Unlimited Time Play” versus playing by game credits.  There is a lot of factors to consider here, but here is my perspective.


This calculation is based on charges I saw posted on October 27, 2017 at the Round1 nearest me.  Your location may have different rates.  But I will show you how do this step by step so you can determine this for your situation.


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Review : Stanford University Andrew Ng’s Machine Learning course at Coursera

I found this online course to be interesting, challenging, practical and it gave me some fresh ideas about problem solving using numerical methods.

What I liked most:

1) The lecture videos directly tied into the programming exercises.  You had a chance to directly try out what you just learned by programming it.

2) The automatic scoring/review of your programming assignments with the submit script was a great way to get instant feedback.

3) I was never bored listening to Andrew talk.  He worked very hard in making this material.

Going Pro : The Mathematics of being a Full time Daily Fantasy Player like Condia

fanduel leaderboard december 2013

Like the 40+ US State Attorney Generals, believes that playing Daily Fantasy games involves skill – meaning it is not a game of chance or gambling.  So if you are doing good and like the work, what does it take to “Go Pro”?
In this post, we discussed at length why Daily Fantasy sites use a Salary Cap to stay in business by being able to demonstrate the games they offer are one of skill.  Today, let us assume that legendary Daily Fantasy player Condia is both skilled and is a fulltime player.  We will use the data from the Fanduel Leader board, make some assumptions  about what a “Pro” should aim for in winning percentage and look at the results as an aid to those who wish to be a ”Daily Fantasy Pro”.
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Daily Fantasy Sports team optimizing - NFL Football Mathematics Part 1

Daily Fantasy Sports just seems to get hotter every week. agrees with the 40+ State Attorney Generals that it is a game of skill.  To win you need to identify lopsided matchups, pick players who are hot, read and evaluate team injury reports, grasp how your fantasy site weights the stats and in general be a fan of the game.   There are lots of sites and twitter feeds that follow each sport in detail to help you with all of these.
But there is one more critical factor in daily fantasy sports that this article addresses : Daily Fantasy Mathematical Strategy.  You really need to understand the value of any player in the context of the salary that the daily fantasy site has assigned that player.  You will have to pick a team that meets a salary cap which means picking a team that generates the most scoring points per dollar  you have control over.
This article will look at one site and sport - NFL - and outline some of the mathematics of selecting the optimal team of players within a salary cap.  It is more complex than it appears.


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