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I am an independent Information Technology consultant providing design, build, engineering and programming services for AWS hosted linux platforms.  I have extensive experience in the design and operation of platforms for quantative financial analysis using external data feeds such as Markit or Factset as well as  LAMP-stack web hosting. 
I have more then 10 years experience in python and mySQL specializing in quantatitive finance.  I have been an active user of the pandas library for quants for over 5 years.  As well, I can provide support  for users of Quantopian's offline open source zipline back tester facility. 
If your business - especially startups - is located in Michigan's Oakland County Automation Alley , please send me a mail for networking purposes so we can get to know each other.
In my blog I write about my experiences with Arduino, classic stereo equipment , and the web hosting business of Daily Fantasy Sports .
For more information on services or availability please  Contact Me .

Review : Stanford University Andrew Ng’s Machine Learning course at Coursera

I found this online course to be interesting, challenging, practical and it gave me some fresh ideas about problem solving using numerical methods.

What I liked most:

1) The lecture videos directly tied into the programming exercises.  You had a chance to directly try out what you just learned by programming it.

2) The automatic scoring/review of your programming assignments with the submit script was a great way to get instant feedback.

3) I was never bored listening to Andrew talk.  He worked very hard in making this material.

markit Excel plugin and slow spreadsheet loading recalculations

IHS Markit is one of the premium data providers for quants around the globe.  One of the mechanism that this data can be accessed is via an Excel plug-in.

An interesting problem can arise with any asynchronous plug-in (not just Markit) that can lead to Excel spreadsheets not loading correctly or recalcuations that never complete.  Let's explore the situation that I encountered !


Quantopian zipline trading algorithm parameter optimization with Spearmint Bayesian Optimizer - Part 5 Conclusions and Next Steps

In this series, we used the open source spearmint optimizer to select optimal tuning parameters for a quantopian zipline trading algorithm.
Read more for conclusions and next steps.


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