Winning Quantopian Morningstar data Fundamentals algorithm


In late 2014, Quantopian – the pythonic trading platform - made available programmatic access to fundamental data from Morningstar.  Python trading algorithms can use this data in trading logic.  To introduce the community to the use of this data, developers were invited to submit algorithms exploring this new avenue.


My python trading algorithm submission “Using #Fundamentals to identify uptrending volatile small caps”  was one of seven selected by Quantopian as best showing use of this data.


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Daily Fantasy player Condia looks to be back for 2014 NFL Fanduel season

Daily Fantasy player Condia – who some suspect is a Full Time Player – is back on the Fanduel Leaderboard after 2014 NFL season week 1 at position 62 with 262 wins.

While I didn’t see him in the few games I played, it is fun to speculate on the work and return needed to Go Pro if indeed he (or she) is doing this and what kind of cash flow was generated in week one.

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Kawasaki 99916-2164 John Deere AM132715 Fuel Pump Diaphragm failure dissection

Kawasaki 99916-2164 John Deere AM132715 Fuel Pump

We had an older John Deere tractor in the shop recently with what could only be described as a major fuel leak when running.  Idling the tractor in a fixed location resulted in a pool of fuel forming underneath in a short time.  Shutting off the tractor stopped the leak so clearly this fuel was being pushed out under pressure.

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Product Review : Cold and incomplete soldering in CEN-TECH P37772 multimeter cause erratic readings


I picked up a CEN-TECH P37772 11 Function Digital Multimeter with Transistor Testing, Audible Continuity feature, support for type K thermocouple and more functionality for $5 at a recent sale.  These sell new for $20 at Harbor Freight so that seemed like a reasonable price to me.   It is a great meter, but I noticed that it just couldn’t be used on the 0 to 2 VDC or 0 to 20 VDC scale.  The reading jumped erratically to the point where the meter just could not be trusted.
With only $5 at stake, I boldly went past the "This instrument contains no operator serviceable parts" and declared myself eligible for ”Screw removal by qualified persons only" as engraved on the back.
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